Human in the Loop


Gain analytical insights powered meticulously categorized and contextualized high-quality data and improve decision-making.

Consulting Services


Our Consulting services include Mapping Business needs with AI to build business cases, Developing AI rollout strategy, Identifying business critical use cases, Data architecture consultation, and Strategy for AI-centric innovation.

Future-proof and efficiently scale AI 

usinesses can build their AI cloud, access open source AI software as a service on their hybrid cloud infrastructure, and harness edge AI capabilities with Infosys applied AI. This can work in tandem with any hyperscale cloud provider's services providing more choices and future-proofing investments

Intelligent Automation – Business & IT

Help our customers achieve significant efficiencies in Business, IT and Network operations through innovative use of new-age Digital Automation technologies like RPA, OCR, in combination with AI.

Computer Vision


Develop automated and augmented vision-based solutions like Face Recognition, Image Classification, Object Identification, Gesture Recognition, Annotation and Labeling Solutions.

Conversational AI

Leverage cognitive conversational capabilities to automate with a human touch. Automated text and voice-based solutions in the area of agent helpdesk, customer self service and corporate service bots.