Why Choose Vision World Infotech?

24/7 365 Monitoring

We provide a one stop shop for all your IT needs, as well as having approachable, friendly staff. We pride ourselves on employing staff who, whilst having a wealth of technical knowledge, also speak English. We can consult with you on a technical solution that suits your needs. We are not tied to a specific brand or product, and we work across a wide

Unlimited IT support

As a managed service customer, having unlimited support allows you to go about your business knowing that we have it all in hand. Your users simply log a ticket with us, our technicians take care of the work, and then we let you know when it is all done


Our helpdesk is manned by real technicians so when you call us, it is a tech that answers the phone and helps you out. Whenever you call us, we log a ticket in our system for you, it is monitored, tracked, and actioned. You will also be provided updates when we do the work, so you know what is being done.

Remote Management

Our remote management software gives us the ability to be there to help you without even having to be there. Our Remote Management and Monitoring allows us to keep track of all of your IT assets, giving us real time monitoring of your devices to make sure we can serve you quicker and more efficiently. We use this software to manage your Antivirus, Patch Management, Remote Support and much more.

Automated Tasks

Part of Remote Monitoring and Management is automation. We have created a number of automated processes that allow us to automate some of those processes that are often onerous and time consuming. These can be simple things like late night reboots of servers, right through to more complex things like patch updates, antivirus automation, backup management and auto deployment of software to new computers.

Backup Maintenance

In IT, the greatest risk to you as a business is loss of your intellectual property. With your entire livelihood often stored on your IT infrastructure, we can ensure that every measure is taken to keep your data as safe as possible. We will monitor your backups, check them, and can work on a risk management plan for you business.